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Here's How Hail Damage Can Be Dangerous to Your Vehicle

When you see those supercooled ice balls bouncing around, you may wonder, is hail dangerous for my vehicle? It depends on where you live. Colorado and Texas account for 37% of hail insurance claims in the U.S.

Storms with strong winds can produce anything from tiny hail pellets to ice balls the size of grapefruit. Your vehicle may suffer a cracked windshield and side windows, broken headlights, damaged side mirrors, car trim, and entire car surface denting within minutes. If cracks allow water to infiltrate the vehicle, interior damage may result.

According to Auto Trends, the average cost for automobile hail repairs is about $2,500. The actual price depends on the severity of the damage.

If you have comprehensive insurance, hail damage is likely covered. Prompt repairs are necessary to preserve your vehicle's integrity. Keep reading to learn the dangers of ignoring vehicle damage from hail.

Don't Delay Repairs

Living in a hail-prone state like Colorado, you may think it's better to wait out storm season and file one insurance claim. This is insurance fraud and may cause the insurance company to deny your hail damage claim. It is not legal to file one claim for several different damage incidents.

Hail damage may weaken your vehicle's body. Any future hailstorms can further decrease the vehicle's integrity and increase repair costs.

Call your insurance if you have an open claim and another storm causes additional damage. They will assess and handle the extra damage with the initial claim under one deductible.

Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Glass

Cracks, chips, and breaking may happen to the windshield or side windows. This is one of the most severe cosmetic damages and can impact the car's structural integrity. If ignored, damage can expand, increasing the danger of being on the road.

Driving with glass damage means your vehicle may not be legally compliant. Colorado Revised Statute §42-4-227 prohibits using a vehicle with a view obstruction. This means you cannot have cracks, stickers, writing, flyers, damage, or GPS devices in front of the driver's face.

If glass damage prevents the driver from having a clear view of the road, the driver may receive an obstruction traffic ticket. You may need to complete repairs before the vehicle can go back on the road.

Structural Damage

This type of damage is less common when dealing with hail damage claims but is possible depending on storm severity. If the hail is strong enough to dent the hood, it may damage the engine compartment.

In this situation, you can have PDR on the vehicle exterior, then take the vehicle to a traditional auto repair shop for mechanical issues. When seeking an auto hail damage repair company, ensure you are dealing with an experienced, reputable organization.

Following hailstorms, repair scam services surface, offering cut-rate deals. Remember the phrase, "You get what you pay for." If their promises sound too good to be true, they probably are. Check for online reviews and ensure you are dealing with a legitimate business providing quality services.

Body Dents

Dents from hail can be remedied using paintless dent repair (PDR). This remedy uses pressure on the backside of the car panels to smooth out dents. There is no damage to the vehicle finish, the process is quick, and there is no need for paint repair.

Superior to traditional autobody repair services, PDR-certified technicians massage the damage from behind. This raises the dent and eliminates the need for replacement parts or repainting. PDR repairs quickly get you back on the road while preserving the vehicle's original paint finish and integrity.

Scratched or Chipped Paint

Hail may cause vehicle paint to scratch or chip. This compromises the vehicle's finish.

The car must be repainted, and some panels may require replacement. This is a more costly repair because of the need for paint matching and increased labor.

Water Damage to the Interior

In addition to the obvious dents hail causes to the exterior, if it cracks or shatters the glass, the vehicle's interior may suffer water damage. Take photos of your vehicle immediately after the storm, both the interior and exterior.

Contact your insurance company and file a hail damage insurance claim immediately. Your loss will be paid if you have comprehensive coverage.

DIY Repairs May Devalue Vehicle

You may think a DIY dent repair kit is the most cost-saving option for minor damage. Handling hail damage repairs requires training and specialized tools. If you handle the repairs yourself, you risk further damage to your vehicle:

  • An unsuccessful attempt can increase damage, making the dent larger
  • You can inadvertently scratch the paint or warp the metal
  • You lack training in assessing whether the damage is repaired inside and out
  • If repairs are not correctly done, you may compromise the internal vehicle structure
  • If you damage the vehicle paint, you void the factory paint warranty
  • Any mistakes will lower the vehicle resale value

By risking compromise to the vehicle structure, you decrease its safety on the road. The metal may not hold as it should if there is a collision.

Impact on Resale

When considering the purchase of a hail-damaged car, realize the damage may be more severe than it appears. Even minor and barely noticeable dents can contribute to a loss of structural integrity.

When purchasing through a dealership, ask if the vehicle has a professional appraisal and if they will repair the damage before purchase. Ask about a money-back guarantee if they refuse to fix the hail damage.

Private sellers may not fully disclose hail damage. Before purchase, get an electronic vehicle history report that provides the title status and auto repair shop history. Wait to slap down your money until you contact your insurance company to confirm your ability to insure the vehicle.

If you sell a vehicle with hail damage, you will get a lower price than if repairs were done. Potential buyers will demand a lower price to cover potential repair costs.

Is Hail Dangerous to My Vehicle?

You now know the answer to "Is hail dangerous to my vehicle?" depends on how you handle repairs. Express Auto Hail Repair has experienced technicians who protect your vehicle's integrity.

Our services include two free estimate options: a three-minute express and a one-hour custom. We offer 48-hour hail damage repair with a free rental car, detailing services, cracked windshield repair, claim handling, and a lifetime repair warranty.

Don't delay; protect the integrity and resale value of your vehicle. Call (720) 706-4747 to begin the repair process.


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