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Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Auto Hail Damage Repair Company

Your vehicle is likely one of your most expensive possessions. Because of its value, you probably do everything you can to protect your vehicle. But, sometimes things happen that you can't prepare for. 

Many of those unexpected threats come from nature. You might have been on the road yourself during a recent hail storm, and now you're searching for an auto hail damage repair company. 

Auto hail damage is a specialized service. It is not the same as collision damage. With that in mind, people often struggle finding a company to repair this kind of damage to their vehicle. 

This can lead to people choosing less-than-reputable companies. Fortunately, we're here to help you avoid this and explore common mistakes to avoid when searching for an auto hail damage repair company. 

Auto Hail Damage Repair Scams

It's a sad fact that people run scams to make a buck off from people in need. 

These scammers seek out vehicles with minor body damage that you might get from a hail storm then they offer to fix the vehicle for a reduced rate.

Usually, these scammers repair vehicles in a small tent on the side of the road or from their personal garage. This way, they take advantage of people's willingness to save time and money. 

Here’s the scary part: scammers force dents out as much as possible. Then they coat the dent with layers of wax. Supposedly, this wax will restore and protect the paint. 

The catch is that you cannot remove the wax for several hours. As a result, you can't tell how poor the quality is until it’s too late!

Find an Auto Hail Damage Repair Company With Top-Tier Paint Jobs

Hail damage to vehicle paint jobs can be subtle. Look for spots on your vehicle with a smooth metal texture. If you find one, run your finger along the spot.

Does that spot feel uneven or rough to you? If so, you've probably experienced paint-impacting hail. 

This damage requires a little more finesse to repair. Dent repair shops can remove the dent, but the area will also need new paint and a protective coating. This coating protects the metal from rusting.

Some auto body shops use generic vehicle paints that don't quite match your vehicle's paint job. At the time of repairs, though, the paint is "close enough" that you can't tell.

The problem is the paint will become noticeably more inconsistent as time goes on. This effect gives your vehicle a worn-out look.

That said, ensure you find a repair shop that gets the paint correct. Otherwise, you'll have to go and get a second paint job repair in a few weeks. 

Compare Repair Costs

When you need auto body repairs, it's easy to accept the lowest rates you find. But, as with any other product, it's best to compare rates from several different companies. 

Having accurate shop prices helps you get a comprehensive estimate of what repairs your vehicle needs. This way, you have a better idea of what to expect from the company's work. 

These repair services can clearly explain their rates and the services required for your vehicle repair. As a result, you can trust these companies to be knowledgeable about their business.

In contrast, many repair shops that offer significantly lower prices usually have surprise fees that come out once they've already done their repair work. 

Also, these shops usually produce lesser quality repairs. Instead of taking your chances with them, find a shop that offers more realistic repair costs. 

Ignoring Online Customer Reviews

These days, people will leave a review for anything on the Internet. This trend works in both positive and negative ways.

People gladly leave favorable reviews online if they have a positive experience with a company. Similarly, they'll take to the Internet to leave long rants about the bad experiences they have with a company, too. 

When you consider a repair company, check their online reviews and avoid companies with a majority of negative reviews. As the saying goes, "you don't need that kind of negativity in your life." 

Replacing Parts Only When Necessary 

Some shops insist on extra work for what seem like minor problems. For example, if you have a ding in your side panel because of hail, they'll suggest you need the whole thing replaced.

Usually, shops that do this want to take as much of your money as possible. Some shops may also claim that the only way to fix your vehicle is to take it for a few weeks. 

These situations should make you cautious. Take your vehicle to other shops to get a second opinion. In fact, consider bringing your vehicle to us!

Finding the Auto Hail Damage Repair Company You Need

Finding a trustworthy auto hail damage repair company can be a challenge. But avoiding these mistakes can set you on the right path!

If you need help repairing auto hail damage, consider Express Auto Hail Repair! 


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