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What Should You Do If Your Vehicle Is Damaged By Hail?

According to data compiled by the Insurance Information Institute, State Farm paid out $31 billion in hail claims during 2020. Hail damage to your property or your vehicle isn't something to take lightly. A significant hail event can cause severe damage to your vehicle.

Have you recently experienced auto hail damage? Don't wait to fix your vehicle. Read on to learn more about what to do if there's hail damage on your vehicle.

Step 1: Document

Today, most people have a camera and a video recorder on their smartphones. Use this to your advantage.

Take a video of the hail event causing damage to your vehicle. Doing so provides irrefutable proof of the hail damage you'll need when making an insurance claim. This footage also helps you when dealing with an insurance adjuster.

In a hail event, it's also vital to photograph the auto hail damage caused by the storm. Even if you cannot take a video of the event in real-time, take extensive photographs of all damage to your vehicle.

Step 2: Look into Your Policy

Before making a claim for auto hail damage, you must know what your auto insurance policy covers. If you have a "full coverage" policy, it will likely cover auto hail damage.

Some states, however, allow for "limited tort" insurance policies. These policies carry a less-expensive premium, but they only cover damages caused to other vehicles, property, and vehicle owners in the case of an accident. Limited tort policies don't often cover damages related to natural disasters or injuries caused by an accident where you're deemed "at fault."

If that’s your situation, there’s another option. If you own a home and carry necessary homeowners insurance, your policy may cover damage to property like your vehicle. 

Step 3: Contact Your Insurance Company

Even if you don't think your policy covers hail damage on your vehicle, you should still contact your insurance agent and file a claim.

Why? You may miss something in your policy. For example, your insurance policy may cover auto glass damage even if it doesn't cover auto body damage.

When discussing your claim, make sure to take detailed notes. Your initial claim discussion notes could help down the road if there is a dispute. When making a claim, ask your insurance agent if you should start repairs immediately.

If they agree, document that through written notes and email. 

At Express Auto Hail Repair, if you're 1 of our first 200 customers after a storm, and you have full coverage insurance, your deductible will be fully paid by us. 

Once your claim has been filed, we help you with the claim handling process. This saves you time and money. But it also ensures that you’re getting everything you’re entitled to receive. The only thing that the claims team at Express Auto Hail Repair does all day, every day, is discuss insurance claims for hail damaged vehicles on behalf of our customers.

Step 4: Get Multiple Estimates

When proceeding to vehicle repair, make sure to get multiple estimates. Your insurance company may take weeks or months to send an agent. When they inspect your vehicle, they may only offer a repair estimate worth half of the actual repair cost.

Don't wait for an insurance company to offer an estimate. Take matters into your own hands and have a qualified professional conduct an inspection first. A written estimate can save you a headache when dealing with an insurance company.

Step 5: Find a Repair Shop You Trust

Your insurance company may have a list of preferred vendors for repairs. But you don't have to use them.

In the case of hail or any other damage, the law lets you use a vendor of your choice for repairs. An excellent repair shop will work with your insurance company. The agent inspecting the claim will have to do so in concert with a repair expert to get you the highest amount possible.

Why Trust Express Auto Hail Repair

You likely take pride in your vehicle's appearance and don't feel confident driving it in a damaged state. Express Auto Hail Repair understands that hail damage isn't only about a vehicle's safety but how it looks.

That's why we waste zero time on repairs. We offer vehicle owners a free 3-minute Express Estimate online. You can schedule a free 1-Hour Custom Estimate at our shop before we begin the claim process with your insurance company. Unlike other shops, you then keep your vehicle until the repair date rather than surrender it for 4-6 weeks.

Once your insurance claim is completed and any necessary parts arrive, you'll return your vehicle to our shop to start your repairs. Your hail damage repairs will only take 48 hours. Then you'll drive away with a restored vehicle that looks like your hail damage never happened.

Step 6: Estimate Process

One of the biggest mistakes folks make with a hail-damaged vehicle is waiting to start repairs. While waiting for your insurance company to give you an estimate and cut a check sounds logical, it isn't.

Even if your insurance covers auto hail damage, the company may take months to cut you a check. And if they do, they may lowball you on the estimate. In these instances, it's important to remember that any insurance company is a business. They want to pay you as little as possible.

It’s important to remember that at Express Auto Hail Repair, you keep your vehicle during this process. Unlike other shops that require you to surrender your vehicle as this back and forth happens with your insurance company. 

Dealing with insurance is often the biggest bottleneck in the repair process (as well as parts ordering because of global supply chain issues). But, with Express Auto Hail Repair, you keep your vehicle until it’s fully ready to start repairs. 

Express Auto Hail Repair is Your Best Hail Damage Solution

Do you want to drive around in a vehicle with hail damage? Of course not. But you're no doubt worried about your insurance company and out-of-pocket costs.

Don't worry. Express Auto Hail Repair is here for you. Your vehicle will be fully restored in 48 hours, and we'll deal with insurance company headaches, so you don't have to.

If you have auto hail damage, don't wait for your insurance company.  Start the repair process now by taking the free 3-min Express Estimate or booking a free 1-Hour Custom Estimate.