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What Is Mobile Dent Repair?

There are thousands of hail storms every year that cause billions of dollars in damage. This includes crops, buildings, and--most often--vehicles.

Haggling with car insurance companies and lining up dent repair can be a hassle. That is why many people opt for mobile dent repair. It is a convenient service that allows you to get your vehicle fixed fast and effectively.

This article covers the basics of mobile dent repair services. Keep reading to find out if it is the best option for your situation.

What Is Mobile Dent Repair?

As the name suggests, mobile dent repair allows technicians to fix dents in cars outside of their repair shops. Personnel can come to you, regardless of location. They do not need special, ventilated areas--only enough room to access the damaged panels.

Mobile dent repair is only made possible by employing certain repair techniques, namely paintless dent repair. Other repair techniques demand the use (and disposal) of solvents, chemicals, primers, paints, and other substances. That is why mobile service is not feasible for conventional repair methods.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair is a fairly new, innovative technique for repairing most types of dents. Technicians use magnets, bars, body picks, and other tools to gradually restore the dented surface to its original form. It is very fast and does not require the use of fillers, primers, or paints to complete the job.

What Are the Advantages of Mobile Dent Repair?

There are many benefits of mobile dent repair. Here are the main ones to consider:

Convenience and Speed

One of the most obvious but important advantages of mobile dent repair is convenience. It works around your schedule, so you do not have to take off work or go through the hassle of trying to schedule service.

Mobile dent repair is also quite fast. While conventional repair methods can take days to complete, mobile service can be done in less than an hour.

This, of course, depends on the number of dents that need fixing. Regardless of the extent of the damage, the mobile method will take much less time.

Getting hail damage repaired quickly is very important, and mobile dent repair is ideal for fast fixes. Unaddressed damage can worsen over time.

Also, it can be much more difficult to guarantee insurance coverage the further away from the incident you get. In fact, if you had another accident, the original hail damage could be considered "pre-existing" by your insurance company.


Since paintless dent repair is faster and requires fewer materials, it is much cheaper than traditional restoration techniques. Repair shops do not have to spend as much on labor or parts, and can pass those savings onto the customer.

Longer Lasting and Increased Car Value

Another big advantage of the paintless repair method is that it restores your vehicle to its original state. This means it is more durable than filler, which can become brittle or fade over time. Your car's original metal surface is much stronger.

Another advantage of restoring your car's original surface is that it eliminates depreciation from the accident. This helps retain your car's value.

Preference of Insurance Companies

For all the reasons listed above, paintless dent repair is the method insurance companies prefer. For this reason, choosing this option could expedite the assessment and approval process. It means you could be back on the road sooner without the hassle of haggling with insurance adjusters.

Good for the Environment

Finally, mobile/paintless dent repair is more environmentally friendly than traditional repair methods. It does not require the use of harsh chemicals or petroleum-based resins. Keeping these out of landfills helps limit air and water source degradation.

What Are the Limitations of Mobile Dent Repair?

Some auto dents cannot be repaired using mobile/paintless dent repair methods. These include very deep or sharp dents in the car, caused by major hailstorms, as well as those with severe creases that cannot be massaged out.

Sometimes, paintless dent repair requires removing car panels, but not always. In most situations, experienced technicians can reach the other side of the surface by removing internal parts, without taking the entire panel off.

Automotive dents where the paint has been damaged also make mobile dent repair prohibitive. That is because they are going to need repainting, even if technicians can reposition the metal surface.

In all these instances, conventional methods that use plastic resin filler to plug and seal the dent are necessary. The good news is that experienced technicians can use basic information to determine the best repair method for your vehicle.

A Note on DIY Dent Repair

The internet is chock full of useful instructional videos for various home improvement and other projects. You may be tempted to roll the dice on DIY dent repair based on the knowledge you have gained online. There are a few reasons to reconsider this.

The first is that you could very easily make matters worse. You could turn an easy dent repair that would have been simple and cheap to fix into a major restorative endeavor.

One of the most common things professionals see are clients who have overcorrected the dent. This means that they push or pull the den back out too far. This stretches the metal and makes repair much more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.

Also, if you venture out on your own, you could run the risk of negating your insurance claim, and end up paying out-of-pocket for a major repair. Leaving the job up to the pros will ensure it is done correctly and that you are covered by insurance.

Find Mobile Dent Repair Near You

Now that you understand the basics of mobile dent repair and the advantages it affords, you can determine if it is right for you. It is one of the most efficient and effective ways to get your car back to its original condition and on the road.

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