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Switching Is Easy: Express Paintless Dent Repair

The vehicle you drive greatly impacts the image you present to the world. Those in quality vehicles appear more professional and sophisticated. Studies show that driving a nice car can even make people seem more attractive.

Hail damage can be devastating for those who consider their vehicle an extension of their overall presentation. Luckily, paintless dent repair (PDR) can restore it to top shape in no time.

Read on to learn how you can make the shift from a traditional auto repair shop to Express Hail Repair's PDR services the right way.

The Benefits of Express

If you take your vehicle to a generic hail repair shop, you can expect to lose it for 4-5 weeks. They keep it for the entire timeframe even if it only takes a short time to fix. You'll be out of a ride for this long period and have trouble commuting to work or meeting up with friends.

This is even true of some PDR shops. You can generally expect the paintless repair process to be shorter, but many shops will hold onto your car for a long time before getting around to it.

This isn't true of Express. It's a 48-hour repair process because you can keep your vehicle until it's ready.

You bring it in and get a rental car to use for those 48 hours completely free of charge. This means you won't be left without a vehicle. After those 2 days are up, you come to get your vehicle back.

Lower Fees

Traditional body shops will have high deductibles. However, Express will pay your deductible to ensure that your pocket doesn't take a hit. Almost all of our clients pay $0 in out-of-pocket fees.

Hassle-free claim handling also makes the process of going through your insurance easier. We work with all insurance agencies to make things simple.

Plus, the free rental car we give you will save you quite a bit of cash. You won't be hiring cabs and Ubers to take you everywhere, and you won't need to pay hefty rental fees on your own.

Better Repairs

When you work with a generic repair shop, your vehicle value will inevitably be diminished. This is because most body shops use replacement scrap yard parts to repair a vehicle. They're low-end and low-quality, so your vehicle's resale value will take a huge hit.

However, Express is a PDR specialist shop. We use top-notch parts when fixing up your vehicle and fully restore its value. This means you'll be riding in style after taking it into Express and you won't need to worry about losing money if you ever decide to sell.

Plus, quality parts mean a longer-lasting vehicle. Express's specialists can ensure that your vehicle stays in shape for longer than it otherwise would.

1. Get a Free Estimate

Now that you know the benefits of switching to Express Hail Repair, it's time to talk about how to go about the process. Luckily, it's really simple. There are only three quick steps that you need to follow!

Getting a free estimate is the first step. This will give you a rough quote for how much repairs will cost. Note that this estimate won't take our "pay your deductible" program into account, so you're going to be getting a figure that you won't even likely need to pay.

Getting a quote is a 1-hour process. You bring your hail-damaged vehicle into our shop and let us conduct an assessment. We'll figure out exactly what the PDR process will look like in your specific situation and let you know how much everything would cost before factoring in other shop-specific ways to save you money.

Estimates are important because they let you know what to expect. When you're talking to the professional appraising your vehicle, you can also inquire about the PDR process to know what will happen to your vehicle. You also may ask about whether you'll need to invest in replacement parts and what those costs will look like if applicable.

2. Bring Your Vehicle Into Our Shop

You don't leave your vehicle at our shop immediately after the estimate is concluded. Unlike at many traditional hail repair shops, bringing it back is its own separate step.

This may initially sound convoluted, but it's actually something we do to decrease the stress associated with vehicle repair. Lots of shops will take your car immediately without repairing it for a while. It will just sit in the shop until they get around to it after the other vehicles that they took in before yours.

This is obviously ridiculous since your vehicle will sit there for weeks despite only having 2 days' worth of repairs. You won't have anything to drive for that period. Since most hail-damaged cars are still functional, there's no reason that you shouldn't be driving it up until the moment that repairs begin.

So, you'll make an appointment with Express Hail Repair to bring your vehicle back. At this point, you'll bring it in for a 48-hour period. You'll have it back within 2 days since our team will get to work on it right away.

3. Pick Your Vehicle Up Post-Repairs

Finally, you'll come to pick up your car after the repairs are complete. At this point, it will be fully restored. Since the PDR process involves fixing your car without chipping or scratching the paint, you won't need to worry about replacing the paint of your car, either.

You'll turn in your rental car to us and recover your own vehicle. We'll answer any questions about what happened during the repair process. We'll give you a full breakdown of the costs we covered so that you can remain informed.

Switch to Paintless Dent Repair Services

Now that you have a step-by-step guide for switching to Express, it's time to begin reaping the benefits of paintless dent repair services. We offer you a quick custom estimate, fast turnaround, and quality repairs so that you can begin riding in style again ASAP.

Our team is happy to walk you through the process of switching to Express Hail Repair, so give us a call if you need help making the shift.


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