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Is Hail Damage to My Vehicle Covered by Insurance?

The largest hailstone in U.S. history fell on July 23, 2010, weighing 1.94 lbs. and measuring eight inches in diameter. The stone is preserved at the National Center of Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado.

Colorado's hail season runs from mid-April to mid-September. The state's Front Range is in the heart of "hail alley," receiving more large hail than anywhere in North America. The metro Denver area is home to one of Colorado's ten most expensive hailstorms.

The state experiences three to four catastrophic hailstorms yearly. This results in at least $25 million in insurance damage coverage.

Insurance coverage for hail damage is not a requirement but is recommended. Keep reading if you're wondering whether your insurance policy covers auto hail damage.

Liability Only Policy

Auto liability insurance coverage is mandatory under state law and pays the other driver's medical bills and property damage. This insurance does not cover your vehicle or medical bills.

If you have liability-only auto insurance, your hailstorm damage is not covered. Even where severe storms occur frequently, there are no requirements for comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive is recommended when there is a likelihood of extreme weather.

Most insurance companies recommend adding comprehensive coverage if your vehicle's value exceeds $3,000 or is under ten years old.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage increases your insurance premium but is worth the investment. If your car is financed or leased, it may be a lender requirement. If you have full coverage, that generally includes both collision and comprehensive.

Check your policy declarations to ensure storm damage is covered. If you don't have coverage, add it as quickly as possible. Some insurance companies place holds on policies when making adjustments, preventing coverage until after a specific date.

This is likely if flooding or any natural disaster is forecast in the near future. This prevents people with liability-only policies from upgrading coverage when storms are forecast, then reverting to less expensive policies after the danger passes. If your insurance is on hold and your vehicle incurs hailstorm damage, your insurance will not cover repairs.

In addition to insurance coverage for hail damage, comprehensive covers losses due to vandalism, falling debris, damage from hitting an animal, and theft.

Your premium cost for comprehensive coverage depends on the amount of deductible you select. When deciding on a deductible amount, consider two facts.

A higher deductible lowers your monthly premium but increases the amount you must pay out-of-pocket toward each repair. Deductibles range from $50 to $2,000 per insurance claim. Select an amount you can access quickly.

If you are wondering about comprehensive coverage costs, you can get a free online insurance quote from Bankrate. The amount you pay in additional premiums will pay off the first time you need to file a hail storm damage claim.

Filing Hail Damage Insurance Claims

After a hailstorm, following these steps for filing an insurance claim helps get repairs done quickly.

  • Assess your vehicle's damage
  • Document damage by taking photos and a video walk around
  • If there is glass damage, check the interior for damage
  • Photograph any interior damage

Check your insurance policy to verify you have coverage for hail damage. This will appear as comprehensive or natural disaster coverage. Once you confirm coverage, call your insurance company to begin the claim process.

An insurance adjuster may inspect the vehicle or ask for photo evidence of the damage. Once they approve coverage, you can schedule your vehicle for hail damage repair. Your insurance company may recommend a facility, but you have no obligation to use their selection.

You can expedite the process by working with a company like Express Auto Hail Repair. Start your vehicle estimate online using free 3-minute express or 1-hour custom estimates. They work with your insurance company throughout the claim process; you enjoy quick repairs, getting your vehicle back on the road in before-damage condition.

Ensure the company has good customer reviews and is willing to answer questions. They should provide information on repair time, dent repair process, and glass and body repairs. Ask if their repair work is warranted and whether they work with your insurance company.

Can Hail Total a Vehicle?

There will be extensive damage when a severe hailstorm pounds ice balls onto your vehicle. Large hail hitting the hood can cause engine damage. You may also encounter damage to your windshield, side windows, chrome, side mirrors, and bumpers.

With significant damage, your insurance may consider the damage a total loss. This happens if they find the repair cost exceeds the vehicle's value. They will issue you a check for the vehicle's cash value minus the deductible.

Will a Claim Raise Insurance Premiums?

Insurance companies set their own standards for reviewing claims and determining premiums with claim history. Some may increase premiums after one claim. Others may have a set number of allowable claims in their policies before rates increase.

Take affirmative action to prevent auto hail damage by parking your vehicle in a garage or covered parking spot. If you must park in an open area, consider covering your vehicle with blankets or purchasing a hail protector car system to reduce damage.

These systems are available for all vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs. They have been proven effective in 80 mph winds and are tested in the U.S. hail corridor. They are portable, roll-up small, and can be operated by remote control up to 100 feet away.

Even with protection, it's always possible that your vehicle will sustain damage during a storm. Don't let protective measures stop you from purchasing comprehensive insurance coverage. Auto hail damage repairs are easier to facilitate when you have insurance.

Repairs Facilitated Using Insurance Coverage for Hail Damage

At Express Auto Hail Repair, we work with your claims adjuster to facilitate insurance coverage for hail damage to your vehicle. You don't need to worry about adjuster negotiations and repair delays.

In 2022, 1,587 happy clients benefited from our 48-hour hail repair with a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Our goal is to protect your vehicle's integrity while maintaining its value and original appearance.

If you have hail damage, schedule a free one-hour custom estimate today. For a faster estimate, we also offer a three-minute express estimate.


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