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How Long Does It Take To Repair Hail Damage on My Vehicle?

It's true, some things really are bigger in Texas, including our hailstones. A 13-ounce hailstone recently broke the North Texas record, measuring almost six inches.

Huge hailstones might set records, but if they land on your vehicle they can result in serious damage. Even small hailstones that are less than an inch wide can cause bad dents.

If your vehicle has been hit by hail, you'll need to send it for body shop repair. But while it's in the shop, you'll be without transport.

Wondering how long hail damage car repair takes? Keep reading to find out the common steps and timeline for dent removal.

Hail Damaged Vehicle Assessment

The first step to repairing a hail-damaged vehicle is getting it assessed. The actual assessment shouldn't take more than an hour, but the entire process of getting your vehicle to a body shop and having someone evaluate it can take up to a day.

Once the body shop has assessed the damage, they can then issue you a quote for the repairs. Depending on the body shop in question, you might receive the quote the same day, or they might only send it the next day.

These time frames can vary widely. For instance, here at Express Auto Hail Repair, speedy customer service is our top priority. We offer a free 3-minute estimate feature. In a couple of clicks, you can get a ballpark estimate of what your repairs will cost.

We are the only hail repair and dent removal company that offers such quick estimates.

For a more in-depth quotation, you can also schedule a free 1-hour custom estimate. This is an official hail damage car repair estimate that you can submit to your insurance company. It includes photos, a quotation, and a personalized repair plan.

Insurance Claim Adjustment

Once your vehicle has been assessed and you've received an estimate, the next step is to file a claim with your insurance company.

For straightforward claims, the claim adjustment process shouldn't take more than a couple of days. If the damage is severe or complex, this can push out the claim adjustment timeframe.

Things like documentation delays, disputes, or inaccurate information can also prolong the claim adjustment process.

Fortunately, most hail claims are relatively straightforward. They don't involve liability, and disputes are usually limited.

Dent Repair Authorization

Once your insurance claim is approved, you can give the autobody shop authorization to begin repairs. You might need to sign certain paperwork to give them official permission to proceed.

Replacement Parts Delivery

If your vehicle needs replacement parts, this can also extend the repair timeframe. Common parts from leading manufacturers shouldn't take more than three days to arrive.

But if the replacement parts are back-ordered or there are supply-chain issues, delivery can take up to a week or more.

Dent Removal

Depending on how badly battered your vehicle is, dent removal can take multiple days. The best hail damage car repair services use paintless dent removal (PDR). Instead of filling in sunken areas, the dents are massaged out of the bodywork.

DPR is a slow process, but it can also save time. With DPR, the body shop won't have to waste time painting over filled areas.

If you're dealing with extensive denting and the hail damage car repair service is backlogged, it could take up to 5 days or more for them to remove the hail dents.

If you choose a company like Express Auto Hail Repair that focuses on fast turnaround times, your vehicle can be finished in less than 48 hours.


If the hailstorm didn't just leave dents, but also chipped and scratched your paintwork, your vehicle might need respraying.

The autobody shop will need to sand, prime, spray, and apply clear coat to the damaged areas. This process can take a couple of days, as the paint needs to properly cure and harden.


Depending on the level of repairs, the body shop might also need to reassemble your vehicle. After this, they will need to conduct quality checks to ensure the vehicle is ready to leave the shop.

Don't Stress: There's a Quicker Way

Depending on the service you pick and the level of damage, dent removal can take anywhere from a few days to multiple weeks.

The biggest determining factor is the body shop repair service you hire. If you choose a busy workshop that handles all kinds of repair jobs, from routine services to engine failure, your vehicle will simply enter the waiting line.

We Offer 48-Hour Hail Damage Car Repair

If you choose a service like ours that specializes in speedy hail damage car repair, you can have your vehicle back within two days.

How is it possible for us to provide such fast hail damage repair? We don't skimp on the quality of the repairs, instead, we focus on streamlining the insurance claim, parts ordering, and repair processes.

You get to keep your vehicle while we wait for the go-ahead from your insurance company and for any required parts to arrive. Once this is complete, it's go time. All hands are on deck to make sure your vehicle's repairs happen swiftly.

With us, your vehicle won't be sitting in a waiting line. It will be actively worked on by our technicians.

All of this reduces our turnaround period to a fraction of the time most body shop repair services take for hail damage and dent removal.

We understand how inconvenient it is to be without your vehicle for weeks at a time. Denver has some of the most efficient public transport in the country, but this doesn't mean our clients can sit without a vehicle.

Our primary goal is to make dent removal as quick and painless for you as possible.

If you need transport during the 48 hours your vehicle is with us, we will supply you with a free rental car.

Do You Need Fast, Convenient Dent Removal?

There are multiple factors that influence how long hail damage car repair can take. With most services, repairs usually take between one to three weeks.

With us, it takes 48 hours.

If you want to get your vehicle repaired fast, Express Auto Hail Repair is the answer. Schedule a free quote to get your vehicle's hailstorm damage repaired in a flash.


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