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How Does Damage from Hail Affect Your Vehicle's Value?

Your vehicle has damage from hail. Are you worried about the effects on your vehicle’s value?

Did you know that hail storms cost around $2 billion worth of damages every year. 

The good news is the damage from hail doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive for you to fix. The bad news is that hail damage can significantly decrease your vehicle's value if not fixed quickly. Damage from hail often leads to rust which further compromises your vehicle’s structural integrity and value.

You’ll find a simple breakdown below of how hail can ruin your vehicle and its worth. You'll also learn what you can do in case a hail storm hits your area.

Signs of Hail Damage

Before anything else, learning how to spot hail damage on your vehicle is important. It helps determine how much it affects its value. Here are ways to determine the extent of hail damage to your vehicle.

Windows and Windscreens

Damage from hail often causes windows and windshields to crack or shatter. Hailstones can grow up to six inches in diameter under the right conditions. These are big and dense enough to cause significant damage to the glass on your vehicle.

Glasswork isn't too expensive, costing only up to $500 for the biggest windows on a vehicle. A cracked window will make the vehicle less appealing. That said, buyers will devalue it significantly, decreasing the retail selling price by thousands.

Faulty Airbag Sensors

Hail damage to vehicles can differ based on how impactful it is. Damage to the top layer is what people call surface damage. These damages will only affect the vehicle's cosmetics and will be easy to spot.

Damage to a vehicle's internal processes is what we call structural damage. These happen when the vehicle receives a direct hit from heavy hail. Such hail can even damage the vehicle's airbag sensors.

When hail hits these sensors, the vehicle's airbags won't work as intended. Replacing these sensors will cost up to $600. It's important to have these checked after a hail storm to ensure you don't get into serious accidents because of faulty airbags.

Insurance Hail Coverage

Because damage from hail is considered an ‘Act of God’, your repair is fully covered if you have comprehensive insurance. 

To make an insurance claim, it's best to take photos of the damages before moving forward. It's a great way to have evidence of damage in case your provider tries to deny the claim. You’ll often need to go back and forth and resupply photos quite a bit with your insurer before they provide you with full value for your repair. 

Total Loss Declaration

Depending on the state you live in, you may receive a salvage title. It means that the insurance company declares the vehicle unfit for use until repaired. It can be a major inconvenience since you can't make a claim when your insurance company declares your vehicle a total loss.

When this happens, it's best to approach a repair specialist. They might be able to help you get your vehicle back in working order before the total loss declaration becomes even more of a problem for you.

What to Do During a Hail Storm

To avoid all the headaches and devaluation caused by hail storms, there are a few things you can do. When you hear hail hit the pavement outside, park your vehicle under a shelter, such as an overpass or bridge. It will help avoid the surface damage made by smaller hail.

A simple car cover is sometimes enough to prevent the aforementioned damage. It can prevent the chalky substance from settling onto your vehicle's body.

Also consider checking your local weather network. If hail is expected in your area, the news will report on it so you can prepare your vehicle before starting your day.

Know What Damage From Hail Can Do to Your Vehicle

Learn what damage from hail can do to your vehicle and how it can diminish its value. Hail storms can be a detriment, but they need not be more problematic than they need to be.

Do you need help repairing hail damage on your vehicle? If you recently encountered damage from hail, you can count on Express Auto Hail Repair to get you back on the road feeling great about your vehicle again in no time. Get in touch with us today!


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