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Hail Damage Vehicle Repair What to Do Next?

Hail Damage Vehicle Repair What to Do Next?

A vehicle repair may be needed after a hail storm. If you notice damage take these steps to protect your vehicle and get it repaired quickly.

According to reports, Texas has the most hail storms out of any other state in the US.

Hail can hit out of nowhere and cause significant damage to vehicles. Ranging from pimple-sized dents all over your roof and hood to baseball-shaped holes in your windscreen.

Has your vehicle been damaged by a hail storm? It can be pretty traumatic to see it covered in hail dents.

Fortunately, restoring your vehicle to its pre-hail-dented glory is relatively simple if you know what vehicle repair steps to follow.

Buckle up to find out everything you should (and shouldn't) do if your vehicle has suffered hail storm damage.

Don't Postpone Vehicle Repair After Storm Damage

If your vehicle has only sustained minor storm damage, it can be tempting to push arranging for vehicle repair to the bottom of your to-do list.

Maybe you're worried that another hail storm will roll around and ruin your vehicle's repair job? It might sound like a savvy move to postpone your repairs and insurance claim until hail season has passed, and get the damage addressed in one go.

Postponing vehicle repair until the end of the hail season can be risky on multiple fronts. If you delay vehicle damage claims, this increases the chance of them being denied. You could also run the risk of being charged with insurance fraud.

Not attending to hail damage promptly can also be bad for your vehicle. If the paint is cracked or chipped, rust can set in, which will drive up the repair costs.

If your vehicle's windshield, wipers, or taillights were damaged in a hail storm, you also run the risk of non-compliance with NHTSA vehicle regulations. If a traffic officer finds you driving with a busted tail light, you could be charged with a hefty fine.

File an Insurance Claim

If your vehicle has sustained hail storm damage, the first step is to file an insurance claim.

A lot of people worry that insurance claims for minor vehicle damage from hail will drive up their monthly premiums. Fortunately, in most cases, hail storm damage claims will come out of your comprehensive coverage, not your collision coverage.

Hailstone vehicle damage is usually considered a "no-fault" claim. No-fault claims don't increase your risk profile as a driver and therefore shouldn't have an impact on your monthly premiums.

Comprehensive vehicle coverage in states that experience regular hail storms is often higher. In other words, the risk of hail storm damage is already factored into your premiums. If you're already paying for the risk factor, you might as well claim it when hail does strike.

Try to file your claim as soon as possible and take photos of the damage to supply as evidence.

Don't Go With Your Insurance Company's First Choice

Our next hard-hitting tip is to shop around for more than one hail repair quote.

Your insurance company might suggest certain repair shops. While this can be convenient, the options they suggest aren't always the most advantageous.

Insurance companies often have mutually beneficial relationships with autobody shops. In exchange for consistent business from insurance claims, the autobody shops offer them reduced prices.

This is all well and good for the autobody shop and insurer-but it doesn't guarantee you the best level of service or the fastest turnaround times.

Instead, we'd recommend you look around, do your research, and find an auto-repair service with great reviews, a focus on customer service, and a specialization in hail repair.

Finding your own autobody repair shop will also allow you to get an independent opinion on the damage.

Don't Jump at the Cheapest Vehicle Repair Quote

Insurance companies inevitably want you to get the cheapest repairs. But as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Cheap is almost never better when it comes to vehicle repair.

Why should you opt for the most inexpensive repairs just so your insurance can save a few dollars?

Even if you're covering the damage out of your own pocket, it's still not a good idea to jump at the cheapest quote. Restoring a vehicle that's sustained hail damage isn't something you want to take shortcuts on.

If not repaired properly, hail damage can trigger serious rust issues down the line. If you hire a cowboy outfit to repair your vehicle, they might also use filler to rectify the dents, rather than restoring the actual body of the car.

Trust us, you do not want someone going to town with body filler all over your vehicle when the damage could be addressed by more professional methods like PDR.

A backyard body shop might also drill unnecessary holes into your vehicle to access and repair hard-to-reach areas. This can compromise the integrity of your vehicle and reduce its resale value.

Don't DIY

Fancy yourself a good hand with a hammer and mallet? Not so fast.

If your vehicle only has one or two dents, you might be tempted to try straightening them out yourself. Even if you're a pretty proficient DIYer, who's tackled various home projects, this doesn't mean you should take a mallet to your vehicle.

Ad-hoc hammering can make the damage far worse, resulting in cracked paint and further deformation of the body.

Professional hail repair services use specialized methods like paintless dent repair (PDR), which allows them to smooth out dents without impacting the paint or the structure of your vehicle. This requires specialized equipment and can't be done at home.

Look for Repair Company That Offers Exceptional Service

If you need hail repairs done, look for a company that offers a quick turnaround.

One of the biggest headaches of hail damage is the amount of time it can take for your vehicle to come out of the shop. This can leave you stranded without transport or paying a big bill to a rental car company.

Here at Express Auto Hail Repair, we don't want this for our customers. We offer a 48-hour hail repair service. That's right, no more waiting around for weeks, hoping the auto-body shop will call to say your vehicle is done.

If you choose us, you can keep your vehicle until your insurance claim has been finalized and any required parts have arrived. If you need transport during the 48 hours that we have your vehicle, we will supply you with a free rental car.

Are You Looking for Fast Vehicle Repair for Hail Damage?

Hail can wreak havoc on your vehicle, turning it into a pitted mess. Fortunately, reversing the damage isn't hard, provided you partner with the right vehicle repair service.

Express Auto Hail Repair specializes in lightning-fast, professional hail repair. We've streamlined our process so that you don't have to part with your vehicle for more than 48 hours. We can fix anything related to hail damage and offer a Lifetime Warranty.

Contact us for a free 3-minute estimate for your hail damage.


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