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Hail Damage Car Repair Cost Calculator

Hail Damage Car Repair Cost Calculator

A hail damage car repair cost calculator can help you identify the potential fees for repairing your vehicle. Check out how to estimate your bill.

Hail storms are increasing in frequency in recent years. They're also becoming more and more severe. The stones are getting larger and larger on average, and one hail incident increases the likelihood of subsequent storms as well.

Because of these facts, having a handy hail damage car repair cost calculator is more important than ever before. Read on to learn the potential costs associated with repairing a dented vehicle after a storm.

Factors Impacting Dented Vehicle Repair Costs

Not all hail storm damage is made equal. Costs will depend on the type of vehicle you're looking to have repaired. Even more importantly, your costs will vary depending on the severity of the hail damage that's taken place.

If you're contending with small dents below 1" in diameter, you won't need to pay as much as those dealing with large dents. A higher quantity of dents also means higher fees since experts will need to do more labor.

The location of the damage will also impact costs. If a dent is harder to reach, it's going to be more difficult for experts to smooth out. This means higher labor fees for you.

Cosmetic dents are less money to repair than severe ones. If there's no paint damage, you can undergo an inexpensive paintless dent repair process. If the paint is chipped or scratched, you may need to paint over these spots to stop corrosion and rust from developing.

Beyond talking with your insurance agency, the best thing you can do to keep costs low is not to mess with the dents on your own. Attempting temperature-based DIY repairs can cause the paint to chip, peel, and fade. You'll then need to pay more for professional repairs in the future.

A reputable repair team can keep repair costs low.

Express Hail Repair's Hail Damage Car Repair Cost Calculator

Express Hail Repair's team uses paintless dent repair (PDR) methods to smooth out dents on your vehicle. This means that we go underneath the metal where the dents are to pop them back out. We use special metal rods in various different sizes to beat the metal outward and smooth it out from the inside.

This process ensures that your car is as good as new without messing with the paint job. It's quicker and easier than other repair methods, which means that it costs less. You also won't need to pay for paint matching or a full new paint coat, which can save you thousands.

Still, PDR costs different sums for different people because of external cost-impacting factors. You'll need to calculate how much you'll pay with specific information about your damage.

Insurance Policies

Express works with all insurance companies to provide quality services for the lowest possible price. If you have comprehensive coverage, it's more likely than not that all your repairs will be 100% paid for. The even better news is that this describes the experience of most of our clients!

If you don't have comprehensive insurance, you still likely won't need to pay for repairs completely out of pocket. Your insurance policy likely covers some weather-related damage, so you may only need to pay a small deductible. It's important to sift through the ins and outs of your specific policy to get more information about this.

We also have a Pay $0 Program that can drastically reduce costs. Under this program, our team pays the first $1000 of your deductible. You don't need to shell out any cash if your repairs are below that threshold.

Note that you should call your insurance company and file a claim prior to bringing your car in for repairs. If you don't, they may not pay as much as they otherwise would. You need to come up with a plan ahead of time by answering their questions and negotiating with them.

3-Minute Express Calculator

Once you've talked to your insurance company, it's time to head over to our website for an express estimate. This 3-minute process is simple and can be done from any laptop or mobile device. You'll:

  • Select your vehicle type (car, van, truck, pickup, etc)
  • Enter information about its make, model, and year
  • Select the locations where hail damage is present
  • Inform us of how many dents are in each location
  • Give us your contact information so we can get back to you with a quote

This quote is going to be broad and general. It also won't take your specific insurance information into account. However, it will give you a starting point for what repairs might cost.

Comprehensive Quotes

For a more specific quote, you can get a one-hour comprehensive estimate from Express. Instead of simply filling out online forms, you'll bring your vehicle into our shop. We'll do a 360-degree analysis of the damage and come up with a much more specific price range for your repairs.

This is also the point where you'll tell us your insurance information. You'll leave knowing approximately how much you'll pay out of pocket so that you can best budget for your repairs.

Get Your Vehicle Back in Top Shape

While repairing hail damage can be a stressful experience, working with Express Hail Repair makes it much easier. We take all insurance and are committed to reducing out-of-pocket costs as much as possible.

Now that you have a comprehensive hail damage car repair cost calculator handy, it's time to get custom pricing information for your specific vehicle. Get a 3-minute estimate today to get a general feel for how much money your dent repairs will cost.


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