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Everything You Need to Know About Hail Damaged Vehicles

What is serious vs small damage and when should you take your car to an expert? Discover everything you need to know about hail damaged vehicles.

With Colorado and many of the surrounding states being most at risk for hail storms, it may be only a matter of time before it affects your possessions. This could include your home or your garden, or it could even mean you end up owning hail-damaged vehicles after a severe storm. As such, you should learn as much as possible about this type of damage so you know how to analyze it and what it means for you.

When you are done reading, you should understand the next steps you need to take to get the best service for your vehicle. You can then rest assured you have done everything you can to return it to you good as new.

Assessing the Hail Damage

Hail damage to your car can be anything from tiny scratches and dents to major harm to the vehicle's frame and structure. It is important you know what the different types of damage might look like, so you can make better decisions on how next to proceed.

Minor Damage

Lesser car hail damage can include things like small dents in the outer body of your vehicle or even scratched panes of glass. In theory, this should be any harm that does not affect the integrity of the vehicle's structure and thus its safety. As such, there are many places you could see damage without it being "serious."

Paint damage: Smaller scratches to the vehicle's paint can often receive repairs without needing a full paint job.

Chipped glass: Small chips or cracks in any of the vehicle's glass. These should not prevent you from driving safely.

Minor dents: Smaller dents that are not very noticeable unless in larger clusters.

Serious Damage

These would be larger and deeper dents. They may even affect the vehicle's structure, necessitating major repair. If you find you cannot drive the vehicle safely with any damage, this would be a major sign you need to repair it as soon as possible.

Shattered glass: This includes if a crack appears in the window, as it could widen over time because of vibrations and temperature changes. This might also affect other vehicle areas that use glass, such as the sunroof, mirrors, or headlights.

Torn metal: Any damage that has distorted the metal, or has impacted the vehicle's frame. While this is unlikely from hail, repeated strikes can cause a great deal of harm, or could dislodge objects that may fall on the vehicle.

Documenting Damage

Make sure to take plenty of photos of the hail impact sites before you seek out vehicle repair. Not only does this allow you to compare damage before and after service, but it also lets you discuss the situation with your insurance company.

It will be important for you to seek out an insurance claim. As such, having as much information as possible allows you to fill in the paperwork much easier.

When to Seek Expert Advice and Repair

While the damage might seem minor, more might exist under the surface. Not dealing with it early could have more serious repercussions later. So, if you suspect there might be more than meets the eye, it might be safer to seek out an auto body repair service you can trust.

Why Is a Professional Inspection Important?

A trained expert will have the expertise necessary to search for damage that might not be apparent straight away. With their expertise in repairing hail dents, they can also ensure the aesthetic of your vehicle returns to how it was before. Receiving a professional job reduces the possibility of you making a mistake during the process.

When you want to talk to your insurance company, it is also better to have an assessment of the damage from a professional. They will have the tools and skills to get you the most detailed and comprehensive documentation possible.

What's the Worst That Could Happen Without Experts?

You should talk to trained repair professionals as they will have the expertise to diagnose issues you might not notice. These might be:

  • Undetected structural damage
  • Water damage from melted hail
  • Rust forming on dents

This list is non-exhaustive, so talk to an expert about what they can do for you.

The Cost of Repair

Understanding how much car repair will cost you can help you prepare payments and discuss things with your insurance company. This will take a lot of the weight off your shoulders when you start the process.

Factors That Affect Hail Damage Repair Costs

There are almost limitless reasons for higher or lower costs in post-hail vehicle repair. They include:

  • The extent of the damage
  • The severity of individual impacts
  • The method of repair needed
  • The specific vehicle

Understand that your choice of repair could mean you receive a better job, though it might cost more. As such, the repair team will discuss your options with you.

How Much Will Insurance Pay?

Full coverage insurance is likely to cover hail damage. While this might be enough, you will need to ensure the documentation you receive from any assessment is in order. Work with your repair specialist to get all the details correct, and all you might need to pay is the deductible.

What if My Repair Shop Pays the Deductible?

Some of the best experts in hail repair will pay your deductible for you. This allows you to get your vehicle repaired without needing to pay much at all. Talk to your repair specialist to find out if they offer this benefit.

How to Avoid Hail Damage in the Future

There are several methods you can take to ensure you keep your vehicle safe from hail. These include:

  • Getting hail alerts on your smartphone
  • Parking in covered areas
  • Using a vehicle cover

These are not fool-proof, and make sure you do not use heavy objects to weigh any cover down, as they could cause damage too. As such, be careful and follow the instructions of any tools you use.

Experts in Repairing Hail-Damaged Vehicles

This advice should be everything you need to make the best assessment regarding any hail-damaged vehicles you own. The chances are high that you want to put your vehicle in for repair with a specialist who can resolve hail damage. As such, we are more than happy to help you out.

We have years of experience to bring to bear against even the worst damage your vehicle might suffer. So, leave it in our capable hands. Get an expert estimate and start the process toward a pristine vehicle today.


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