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Commercial Vehicle Repairs in Denver, CO: Fixing Hail Damage

Hail causes $1 billion in damage to property every year (excluding costs associated with the destruction of crops, which is substantial). This affects individual property, including vehicles, as well as businesses. It can cause extensive aesthetic damage to auto surfaces, but it can also make them inoperable or unsafe to drive.

Hail damage can be a huge inconvenience for anyone, but especially for companies that rely on vehicles to keep their business running. For this reason, you want to identify commercial vehicle repairs that are fast but do not compromise quality. Finding this balance can guarantee that your vehicle(s) is fully restored and back in operation as quickly as possible.

If you are looking for commercial vehicle repair in Denver, keep reading. This article covers what to look for in hail repair services for commercial fleets and what that entails. It will help you find a service near you that is both reliable and efficient.

What Is Commercial Dent Repair?

Commercial dent repair involves identifying the best techniques to get vehicles back out on the road as fast as possible. The size and function of commercial fleet vehicles can present unique challenges in this regard.

Restoring your trucks, buses, or vans to their original condition can help retain their value. It also is the best option for making the surface as durable as it was before the weather event. Some techniques allow this, while others make it more difficult.

The first step in commercial vehicle repairs is to assess the hail damage. This will give the technicians (and you) an idea of what methods of repair are best, as well as an estimated timeline and total repair costs.

What Does Commercial Dent Repair Involve?

There are two main avenues for doing commercial vehicle repair. Traditional dent repair techniques use body filler to pack dents.
After the putty dries, technicians smooth out the surface with sanders. They can then prime and repaint it.

The second method is called "paintless dent repair" (PDR). This involves using tools and techniques to gradually massage the metal back to its original state.

How Do I Know Which Is Best for My Commercial Vehicle?

There are several big advantages to paintless dent repair. First, it is much faster than traditional methods, which involve many steps with time in between for filler and paint to dry. PDR can take only a few hours and no more than a day or two, even with the most severely damaged vehicles.

Since it is less labor-intensive and does not require extra materials, PDR tends to be cheaper than traditional methods. Also, since it restores your vehicle to its original state, PDR helps it retain its value. This also makes the surface stronger versus fillers that can deteriorate and fall out over time.

PDR is also more environmentally friendly. There is no need for putties or paints, sanding, or solvents. It reuses the same tools on each project.

However, there are some instances where traditional dent repairs are needed. These include dents that are very deep, sharp, or creased. It also includes almost any dent where the paint has been compromised, as well as the surface.

A trained technician should be able to glance at a dent and determine whether PDR is achievable or if traditional methods are needed. Also, for this reason, there is an advantage in choosing a shop that is well-versed in both methods. It means that your vehicle will be repaired as quickly as possible while using the most appropriate technique based on the damage.

How Long Will My Vehicle Be Out of Commission?

As mentioned, if paintless dent repair is possible, a capable repair shop should be able to complete the repair in no more than two days. Traditional methods will take much longer. How much so depends on the extent of the damage, as each dent will need to be filled and repainted.

If PDR is possible, there is another option that can help expedite things: mobile dent repair. This involves technicians coming to your business (or another agreed-upon location) to carry out the repairs. All that is typically required is a covered area out of direct sunlight and protected from precipitation.

Mobile dent repair is usually reserved for minor to moderate dents and dings, but it is worth exploring the possibility. This option can save you valuable time that you could dedicate to other important aspects of your business. It also means less time while your vehicle is out of commission.

What About Insurance?

Typical commercial vehicle insurance policies are similar to standard ones. Most plans require "comprehensive" coverage, which pertains to things like theft, vandalism, fire, and weather-related events, such as hail.

Businesses are more likely than regular drivers to carry comprehensive plans. If you have one, it should cover repairs minus your deductible.

Keep in mind that insurance assessors often do only preliminary examinations. These can be very basic and underestimate the extent of the damage or what is needed to fix it.

That is why it is so important to select a repair shop that has a lot of experience working with insurance companies. It will ensure that service is paid for, even if staff uncover more serious damage or determine that more extensive repairs are needed.

You can also find repair companies that will help cover your deductible. Most require full coverage insurance, but this can be a huge benefit to your bottom line.

Find Commercial Vehicle Repairs Near You

Now that you know what commercial vehicle repairs involve, you can schedule service today. Qualified shops can answer any further questions you might have about the repair process and timeline. They also can guarantee that your fleet is back to full capacity as quickly as possible.

Express Auto Hail Repair provides fast and convenient dent repair for individual and commercial vehicles alike. We offer PDR and mobile repair services and will work with your insurance company to ensure coverage. Contact us today for a free estimate or to schedule Denver hail damage repair.


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