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Can I Fix Hail Damage to My Car?

As of early 2022, hail-related losses were 24.5% higher than they were in previous reporting periods. Since there were hundreds more hail events last year than in 2021, these numbers are only increasing. It's likely that you'll need to contend with the stress of hail damage at some point.

Fortunately, hail damage is an issue with several easy solutions. Read on to learn why hail damage is fixable and how you can repair dents the right way.

Is Hail Damage Fixable?

Good news: hail damage is an extremely fixable problem in most cases!

It's important to note that hail dents come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes a vehicle will be battered by hundreds of tiny hailstones that cause cosmetic damage. Other times, a few larger hailstones will fall and cause a couple of bigger, more serious dents.

In very rare cases, the vehicle will be totaled. Luckily, these instances are few and far between. They only really happen if the hail causes mechanical damage or if your vehicle is in bad shape anyway.

Unless the vehicle is totaled, there are repair options available to you.

Is Hail Damage Repair a DIY Project?

Regardless of the size or quantity of hail dents, DIY hail damage repair is always a bad idea.

Many people try to fix their vehicle's dents with temperature-based repair methods. They use a hair dryer or heat gun to heat up the area and cause it to expand. They then apply extremely cold air or dry ice to the area so it contracts, making the dent pop out.

Unfortunately, these methods can cause much worse damage. They can destroy the paint by chipping or scratching it. This leaves the vehicle more susceptible to water damage, rust, and long-term structural problems.

Other people try a paintless dent repair (PDR) process on their own vehicle. They try to go to the underside of the hood and beat the dents out with hammers and mallets.

While this is the best method that experts use, it's not a DIY project since you don't have the knowledge and specialized tools to make it work. Simple hammers from the hardware store aren't going to cut it, and top-notch PDR tools can cost a lot of money.

Plus, if you try to DIY dent repair, you'll get no recourse when you do a bad job. Quality professionals offer satisfaction guarantees and will fix any future problems down the line. DIY enthusiasts can't fall back on this, which is especially problematic when they make the issue worse by tinkering with the vehicle while not knowing what they're doing.

Why Is Professional Hail Damage Repair Necessary?

A reputable auto hail repair company has experience in fixing hail damage the right way. They have the knowledge to fix hail dents the right way. They can assess the damage and come up with the best possible way to get your vehicle looking as good as new.

Professionals also have the specialized auto shop tools needed to get rid of dents effectively. These tools would cost you a lot of money to order on your own. It would also take you a lot of effort to learn how to use them.

Hail dent repair experts have already put time and money into learning how to use high-quality tools.

Professional hail dent repair also saves money. This may sound counterintuitive at first brush, but experts know how to perform effective repairs without making things worse.

If you chip your paint or make it fade, you might find yourself paying for a full-on paint job in the future. This can turn your inexpensive repairs into a thousand-dollar project.

When you work with Express Hail Repair, it's likely that you won't even need to pay for anything out of pocket. Most auto insurance plans offer some form of hail damage coverage, so you're not going to be paying much no matter what.

In fact, most of our clients pay $0 for repairs. We work with all insurance companies, and if you have comprehensive coverage you'll be fully covered. You'll likely be covered under other plans, too, so don't worry about finances too much.

How Do Experts Fix Hail Dents?

We talked a little about paintless dent repair before and how DIY PDR is a bad idea. But PDR is the #1 way that professionals fix hail damage to vehicles.

This process entails pushing the dents out of your car with metal rods of various sizes. The expert will go into the hood of your car and hit the underside with these rods where the dents are. This causes the dents to pop back out and look as good as new.

Because of the varying rod sizes, it's easy for pros to smooth out the dents, too. You don't need to worry about them popping out unevenly. The surface of your car's hood will be flat and aesthetically pleasing, so its value won't decrease at all.

As the name suggests, there's no new paint applied at any point in the PDR process. That's because pushing the dents out from the underside doesn't cause any paint damage. No one's hitting areas that have paint on them; all of the work is done underneath the car's hood.

Invest in Professional Hail Dent Repair Services

While hail damage is a stressful thing to see on your vehicle, it's an easily fixable problem. However, in order to do an effective repair job, you'll need to call in the pros to put their experience, knowledge, and top-notch tools to work.

Our team is happy to offer 3-minute online estimates. Even better, we'll give you a comprehensive custom estimate within one hour by assessing your vehicle, taking comprehensive photos, and coming up with a personalized repair plan. Schedule this quote today and get your free assessment almost immediately.

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