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A Price Guide to Hail Damage Repair Costs

A Price Guide to Hail Damage Repair Costs

Are you in need of hail damage repair but want to know more about the price tag behind it? Here's a quick guide to common hail damage repair costs.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, part of the US Department of Commerce, reported 4,611 major hail storms in 2020.

Of course, these are only major hail storms. It's reported that 849,033 claims for hail damage repair were made to insurance companies that same year.

Hail can damage homes, including roofs, windows, and outdoor furniture. It can also have a huge impact on the surface of cars.

If your car has suffered hail damage, you might wonder what the repairs will cost you. Read on to learn more about hail damage repair and its cost.

What Can Hail Do to Your Car?

Hail can be quite damaging to the surfaces of a car. It's essential to note right away that the hail size and the hail storm's duration will greatly impact the amount and kind of damage to a vehicle.

In most cases, hail will cause dents to the surfaces of a car. The number of dents, the size of those dents, and the depth of those dents will be impacted by the size and amount of hail.

A hail storm with large-sized hail can also cause scratches and scrapes to the sides of a car. Large hail could also break the windows and mirrors of a car.

What You Should Do Right Away if Your Car Gets Damaged by Hail

If you and your car have just experienced a hail storm and suspect you have damage, don't ignore it.  

First, look at your auto insurance policy to see if you have coverage for hail damage. In most cases, this is covered under your comprehensive coverage.

Then you want to investigate the best place to repair your hail damage. More on this a little later. The key is that you don't want to wait for a repair.

If your car suffered hail damage, many cars likely did, too. The damage can also worsen with additional weather if left unfixed.

Types of Hail Damage

To fix hail damage, you need to understand the type of damage. Not all hail damage gets repaired the same way.

You may have a few shallow, minor dents in a few places on your car. In most cases, a repair shop can bump them back out.

Deeper and larger dents are a more extensive and costly repair. They require more labor and care. One consideration for larger, more significant dents will be the paint job.

Can the dent be repaired without needing a paint job? This will impact the cost of the repair.

Most hail damage is calculated by the number of dents. If you have many dents, you might price out replacing a whole panel vs. getting each dent fixed on the panel.

You might also have repairs necessary for your car's metal, glass, or mirrored parts. When you get a repair estimate for dents, the repair shop can include any parts and installation in your quote.

Hail Damage Cost

The price of hail damage repair can be hard to say specifically. It will depend on the size of the hail that hit the car and the extent of damage to the vehicle.

Generally, hail damage can cost between $750 to $10,000. Of course, this is a huge range, so let's discuss how the cost of repairs is calculated.

The size of the dent and the number of dents impacts cost. Again, generally, the cost will run around:

  • $30 to $45 per dent for small dents
  • $45 to $55 per dent for medium dents
  • $75+ per dent for large dents

The severity of the dents will also be a factor in the cost, not just the number of dents.

In addition, the repair shop will consider if any windows, mirrors, or trim pieces were broken that require new parts.

Since hail can also cause scratches and scrapes in paint, that will also be a factor, expect the cost to go up if you need dent repair and paint work done.

Making an Insurance Claim for Repairs

You might start out thinking you'd like to avoid making an insurance claim for the damage. Once you see the actual cost of a hail damage repair, you might realize it's necessary to file an insurance claim.

To file a claim with your insurance, call them or visit their website. Most insurance companies have a special number for the claims department.

Once you report the claim, the insurance company will send their adjuster to assess the damage and prepare to write a check for damages. They may require you to get estimates for the repairs.

Some people worry that when they make a claim on auto insurance, their rates will go up. There's no fault attached to the claim beyond an act of nature. Making this type of comprehensive claim should not impact your rates.

It's also wise to remember that hail damage didn't happen to just your car. The longer you wait to make a claim, the longer you'll likely wait in line for a repair.

Finding Reputable Hail Damage Services

When looking for a hail damage repair company, seek one specializing in hail damage, not just car bodywork. You want repairs completed by an expert in hail damage.

They're more experienced with the gentle touch needed for a hail repair to not damage the paint on the car.

Be sure to read online reviews and look for trends in the comments. When you call the hail damage repair company, ask them to talk you through pricing on your quote.

Know What to Do When You Need Hail Damage Repair

When you see the repair bill, it might be shocking. The reality is that hail damage repair is annoying and frustrating. It's good to understand how the cost gets calculated for hail damage repair.

If you have a vehicle with hail damage, we can help. Check out our three-minute express estimate, and we can discuss the work you need to be completed.


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