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3 Important Things to Do if Your Vehicle Suffers Hail Damage

3 Important Things to Do if Your Vehicle Suffers Hail Damage

Hail damaged vehicles need attention. Take a look at the this to do list for after a hail storm if you notice visible hail damage.

According to one report, drivers in the U.S. have more reason than ever to be wary of adverse weather events, including hail. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported that there were 4,436 recorded hail events in 2022, up from 3,762 events in 2021.

If the spike continues, 2023 could mean even more hail, which can affect homes and vehicles.

Was your vehicle recently caught in a hail storm? As soon as it's safe to do so, it's smart to survey the damage. Once you know the extent of the issue, you can start taking the proper steps to get your vehicle repaired and get back on the road.

Today, we're sharing three of the most important things to do for hail damaged vehicles, and why it's important to have a professional hail repair expert by your side.

1. Stop Driving It

Some hail damage will be purely aesthetic in nature. Other times, it will be more serious, affecting both the form and function of your vehicle.

If your vehicle is seriously damaged by hail, the first thing to do is get it off the road and stop driving it. Continuing to drive in a hail damaged vehicle not only compromises its structural integrity and could make the issue worse, but it also puts your personal safety (and the safety of your passengers) at risk.

From cracked windshields and broken mirrors to more extensive bodywork damage, the hail could affect multiple components on the interior and exterior of your vehicle. These defects could alter your visibility and change how the vehicle drives and responds on the road.

Even if it seems OK to drive, it's best to find a replacement or rental vehicle that you're 100% sure isn't compromised, and use that to get around while yours is being repaired.

2. Take It to a Profesional

It might be tempting to see if you can fix the hail damage on your vehicle by yourself, especially if it seems minor in nature. Yet, doing so could wind up costing you more time, money, and energy than you expect.

A professional hail repair company will have the right tools, knowledge, and experience required to successfully correct any damage that hail might have inflicted on your vehicle. When you trust a team like ours, you can rest assured that you'll receive quick repairs and quality service you can trust. We'll give you our professional opinion and explain the necessary repairs required.

If you need a rental vehicle in the interim, we're happy to provide you with a complimentary one. All of our service appointments include a free rental during the service time. Once your vehicle repairs are complete, we also offer detailing services to fully restore it to its former condition.

The best part? All of our hail damage repairs include a Lifetime Warranty. If you experienced a repair-related issue after your appointment, you're welcome to bring your vehicle back and we'll correct the problem.

Working With Express Auto Hail Repair

You've secured a backup vehicle (or you're going to take advantage of our rental option), and you're ready to take your vehicle in for repair. What next? Let's take a quick look at the process you can expect when you trust us to correct the damage.

First, we'll provide you with a free estimate. This process only takes three minutes online and helps our team assess the extent of your hail-related damages and what they'll cost to fix.  If you want to move forward, we'll then schedule a free, in-person, one-hour Custom Express Estimate.

This meeting gives our technicians the chance to see the damage firsthand and determine the best strategy for the repairs. A $580 value, it's one of the most important parts of the process. Once you receive the estimate, you can take your vehicle home until it's time for the service appointment.

When you bring it back for repairs, you can be confident that we've been working diligently in the background. Our team will complete your insurance claim and order any necessary parts required for replacement, so the work can begin as soon as you arrive.

Within 48 hours after drop-off, we'll call you to pick up your vehicle! It really is that simple, and it's much easier to go this route than to attempt a DIY fix.

3. File an Insurance Claim

We get it. Calling your auto insurance company might not rank too high on your list of favorite things to do. Yet, it's important to let your agents know right away if you have a damaged or dented vehicle after a hail storm.

Some auto insurance providers will include hail damage in their coverage. Typically, this applies to drivers who have comprehensive insurance policies, though this isn't always the case. Every insurance company will handle hail claims differently, so check your policy to see what it covers.

Hail damage could affect the value of your vehicle, especially if you have dents or scratches that could rust over time. You need compensation to help you take care of the necessary repairs as quickly as possible. That's where a team like ours at Express Auto Hail Repair comes in.

We'll work directly with your insurance company to handle your claim from start to finish. This includes giving an accurate and full-scale report of the damage your vehicle has suffered to make sure you receive the full amount you need to cover your damages. If you have full auto coverage insurance, we'll even pay your deductible in full!

Repair Services You Can Trust for Hail Damaged Vehicles

If your vehicle suffers hail damage, you don't have to drive around nervously, wondering how it looks or if it's going to function properly on the road.

As soon as you know the damage has occurred, go ahead and bring it to us. Our team at Express Auto Hail Repair has 10 years of experience working on hail damaged vehicles, and we'll help you get back behind the wheel in confidence.

To get a free, insurance-approved, custom estimate for your vehicle, schedule a time to connect today!


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