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Why Waiting to Repair Hail Damage is Bad for Your Vehicle

The problem with hailstorms is they are unpredictable and can cause devastating damage to property in minutes. You never know when the next hailstorm will happen, which is why it is imperative that you get your hail damaged vehicle repaired as soon as possible. 

If you wait to repair your hail damaged vehicle, you could turn a headache into a nightmare if your vehicle suffers further damage. You risk a total loss of your vehicle when you wait to get it repaired, and unfortunately insurance companies never give full value for a totaled vehicle. Here are the reasons why waiting to repair hail damage is bad for your vehicle:

Unrepaired Vehicles

The longer you wait to repair hail damage, the longer your vehicle has “pre-existing damage.” If you have a fender bender (very common in Denver and surrounding areas) or get hit with another hail storm, your insurance company may decide to total your vehicle instead of cover repairs. This is how your hail damage can quickly turn into further damage that is too expensive for insurance to justify repairs.

Hail damage is repairable when you address it in a timely manner. Further hail damage or an accident will stress the metal beyond repair. You also risk rust and structural issues when allowing hail damage to linger and go unrepaired. 

As winter approaches, the cold, ice and snow will further stress the metal and cause dents and cracks to constantly contract and expand. This is how even minor hail damage can cause total loss of your vehicle if you wait to have it repaired. 

Metal Gets Harder to Shape Over Time

A successful hail damage repair depends on a number of factors, one of the most important is time. When metal is damaged, it gets harder to shape over time because the dents “set.” And, if the metal is damaged a second time (from another hail storm or accident), the metal will be stressed beyond repair. 

The difference between repair costs three weeks after a hail damage and three months can be substantial. Terrible drivers, more hail storms, and any additional damage to your vehicle can be devastating and cause you to risk total loss. 

A New Storm Means a New Deductible

You must file a separate claim for every hail storm your vehicle suffers. A new hail storm means new damage, and it will be impossible to tell which storm caused what damage without proper documentation of each storm. If you wait even one day to file an insurance claim, you risk further damage to your vehicle by another storm or reckless driver, leading to total loss. 

If your vehicle goes through a second hail storm and you try to claim all damage was caused by just one storm instead of two, you will be committing insurance fraud. 

Hail Damage Can Easily Go From “Damaged” to “Totaled”

Your repairable vehicle can quickly turn into a total loss situation without taking the proper steps to get it fixed. Express Auto Hail Repair specializes in handling insurance claims and getting your vehicle repaired as soon as possible to avoid this situation. 

Further damage can be judged too expensive to fix by your insurer. Even a small accident or additional hailstorm will easily turn your damaged vehicle into a totaled vehicle. Do not give your insurance carrier an excuse to total your vehicle and pay out less than your vehicle’s market value: begin your hail damage claim immediately

Start Fixing Your Hail Damaged Vehicle in Three Minutes 

Insurance companies want to minimize their financial exposure, which is why they typically write estimates that are only 30% of the true cost of repairs. Prove them wrong and get a free, no obligation hail damage estimate in just three minutes

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