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River Valley AR Auto Hail Repair

River Valley Hail Storms Causes Major Damage

Residential car owners aren’t the only River Valley, AR to feel the effects of the latest hail storm  that hit the region, car dealerships and fleet based businesses are scrambling to get the hail damage repaired.

River Valley, AR Residential Auto Hail Repair

For individual car owners, the Express Hail Repair team suggests you get started as soon as possible with the auto hail repair process.

  1. Photo: Amy Carter Euper Lane Fort Smith

    Photo: Amy Carter Euper Lane Fort Smith

    Take some pictures of the auto hail damage. It is never too late. Even if you have already contacted your insurance provider to make your claim, a photograph of the hail damage taken by your cell phone camera will leave a digital timestamp of when the damage occurred. Granted, you might not get a picture of ALL of the hail damage, you will still have proof.

  2. Contact your insurance provider. When an area or region gets hit by a series of damaging hail storms, insurance companies get busy quick. Paintless Dent Repair shops get busy with all of the auto hail repairs. In the River Valley area, this is crucial in order to get your auto hail repair done in a prompt manner.
  3. Call Express Hail Repair of River Valley, AR. We are taking appointments for FREE River Valley auto hail damage inspections. Sometimes your assigned insurance adjuster will miss hail damage. Express Hail Repair will inspect your vehicle for hail damage using a very specialized lighting system developed for finding this kind of damage. If we find additional hail damage that was not covered in your initial inspection, we will make sure you get the additional funds needed to get the entire vehicle repaired. To get scheduled, you can use our online form or call us at.

River Valley, AR Auto Hail Repair Customer Service

The professionals at Express Hail Repair of River Valley, AR takes customer service very seriously. We guarantee you will be 100% completely satisfied throughout the entire auto hail repair process. All auto hail repairs come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Schedule today by calling or use our online form to secure your appointment today!