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Fort Smith, AR Auto Hail Repair

Fort Smith, AR Auto Hail Repair

Fort Smith Gets Blasted by Hail

Fort Smith Auto Hail Repair

Chris Hughes of Express Hail Repair provides expert auto hail repair for Fort Smith and River Valley that have suffered auto hail damage from the catastrophic hail storms that hit the Greater Fort Smith area on April 29th, 2016.

Free Auto Hail Damage Inspections in Fort Smith, AR

Area paintless dent repair shops are filling up fast and residents are still filing hail damage claims with their insurance companies.

Hughes, paintless dent repair technician and shop owner at the Fort Smith Express Hail Repair location says, “We suggest that you first contact your insurance company to start your claim. Once you file your claim, one of our PDR inspectors can visit you at your home or office for a complimentary auto hail damage inspection. If your insurance company has overlooked any of the damage, we can help you get the additional funding needed to get your entire vehicle repaired as quickly as possible.”

Express Hail Repair works with all major insurance companies and can assist you with any claims questions you might have. If you need claims assistance, one of our friendly PDR customer service experts can help!

Fort Smith Hail Damage Deductible Assistance

Many vehicle owners are hesitant about filing a claim for Fort Smith auto hail repair. If you have never been a victim of hail damage, you might not be aware that a hail damage claim against your home or auto will NOT affect your insurance policy. As long as the damage is proven to be hail related, it is an “Act of God,” or damage that could not have been prevented.

The only money you are expected to pay is your deductible. Deductibles in Fort Smith, AR can range anywhere between $250 – $1000. At Express Hail Repair, we believe that you should not have to pay for something you could not have prevented. This is why we have developed our “Pay-No-Deductible” program to help with this unexpected monetary burden that couldn’t have been avoided.

Schedule your FREE Fort Smith Auto Hail Repair Inspection

If you need an inspection, you can either call us at (844) 577-HAIL (4245) or schedule using our online form.